At intervals of approximately twenty years the British Trust for Ornithology organises fieldwork for atlases of U.K. Birds.

There have been projects of this type in

1968-1972 Breeding season
1981-1984 Winter
1988-1991 Breeding season
2007-2011 Breeding season and winter

and a detailed history of these atlases may be found on the BTO website

Now the national maps from these atlases have been brought together in the Bird Atlas Mapstore, where maps of individual species can be seen and it is also possible to compare maps from different atlases to see how distribution has changed

Durham Bird Club used data from the 1988-1991 atlas fieldwork to produce A Summer Atlas of the Breeding Birds of County Durham; principal editors Stephen Westerberg and Keith Bowey, published in 2000. A few copies of this are still available for sale.

Some maps based on data from the 2007-2011 atlas have been published in the Club’s membership magazine, The Lek